My work in textiles, stone and ceramics has been strongly influenced by my research into ancient philosophies that invite the viewer to absorb and contemplate not only the nature of art but also the nature of his/her existence.

Essentially my work is concerned with finding a balance between the horizontal (earth-yin) and vertical (spiritual-yang) aspects of life. The importance placed on the meeting of these two directions, revealing balance and wholeness. My images illustrate a desire to see the macrocosm with the microcosm- a joy not only through the shape of things but also through the relationship established with them.

The combinations of earth, fire, air and water - the basic elements for all ceramics- appeal to some of our basic instincts. The totemic aspects of my ceramics reflect my interest in the stupa form. A marker or stone sign post that directs one to a higher reality of silence and contemplation.

My weavings similarly, evokes numerous qualities; the balance between warp and weft, or vertical and horizontal reflects the structure of weaving. The tactile quality of wool encompasses the vast textures of our land. The balance of the knots creates solidarity, warmth and presence.